Boris Komrakov

Founder & Owner


Doctor of Science & and Mathematics

Tartu University 1991

PhD degree in mathematics

Vilnius University 1971–1973

Master degree in mathematics, cum laude

Byelorussian State University 1971


Research awards:

1980 Byelorussian Komsomol Prize for the monograph “Structures on manifolds and homogeneous spaces”, Minsk, Nauka i Tekhnika, 1978

1997 Lobachevsky medal “For outstanding works in geometry”

Research interests:

Classification of homogeneous spaces; represen tations of Lie groups and Lie algebras, geometric structures on manifolds and their applications to differential equations
and physics.

Organization of research and education:

As founder and president of the ISLC, organized and obtained funding for a research group of mathematicians working on Lie groups and Lie algebras, differential equations, and their applications, as well as several groups of university students being trained
in mathematics under a novel syllabus.

Teaching experience:

Calculus, advanced calculus, linear algebra and geometry, differential geometry, differential equations, topology, Lie groups and Lie algebras, homogeneous spaces
(at the Byelorussian Polytechnical Academy and Byelorussian State University)


WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance)

2012 – Present, United States
Vice-chairman for Europe (Non-EU)
Chairman of the Committee for education, training and human resources

IAMIT (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies), vzw

2001 – Present, Belgium
Owner and director;

Altsoft bvba

Byelorussian State University 1971

ISLC (International Sophus Lie Centre) s.r.o.

1999 – Present, Czech Republic
Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Infopark (Belarussian Scientific and Technological Association)

2012 – Present, Belarus
Chairman of the Committee of innovation technologies in education

Kazan Federal State University

1997 – Present, Russia
Chebotarev Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics Principal researcher.

Belarussian State University

1992 – 1997, Belarus
Professor at the Chair of Mathematical Physics

Belarussian State University

1991 – 1992, Belarus
Associate Professor at the Chair of Mathematical Physics

Tartu University

1988 –1991, Estonia
Post-Doctoral fellow at the Mathematics department

Byelorussian Polytechnical Institute

1977 – 1988, Belarus
Associate professor at the Chair of Mathematics

Byelorussian Geophysics Research Institute

1971 – 1977, Belarus
Junior (and then Senior) Researcher at the Department of mathematical Methods