AGFA Projects

Project name: [Redacted confidential], PDF

We are responsible for implementation and support of server-based libraries for handling the full scope of PDF manipulations, including but not limited to:

– XML- based preflight engine

– Encryption & Digital Signature

– Color Management

– Font Management (TrueType, OpenType, PostScript Type1 and CFF)

– Rasterization

– Full PDF/X and PDF/A support

– Conversion to PostScript and EPS

– Separate library for path handling

All libraries are written in C++, tested in multithread mode,
can be used for Windows and Mac platforms.

Project name: [Redacted confidential], GUI, Mac and plug-ins development

Our main responsibility is to develop several key components of [Redacted confidential] Client application:

 – Layout Editor – intuitive print layouts editor for wide-format printing

 – Image Editor – interactive editor for print-specific image manipulations,   
    such as tiling, bleeds, crops or canvas extensions

 – Path Editor – vector-based graphics editor for manipulating clipping
    and cutting paths

Our additional responsibilities are to maintain and support the [Redacted confidential] for Mac OS and [Redacted confidential] Plug-Ins for Adobe Acrobat

Technologies Used: C++/WinAPI/MFC

Project Name: [Redacted confidential] – color management

A four years research and development project with Agfa Graphics.
During the project effective algorithms for regularization of colorific measurement data and generation of profiles for color printers were designed and implemented. The algorithms are based mostly on piece-wise linear differential topology, graph theory, and optimization.

The algorithms are a substantial part of the successfully claimed
and filed patent:

MAHY, Marc; TUNITSKY, Dmitry; VANDE VELDE, Koen; SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REGULARIZING AN INK MODEL FOR A COLOR DEVICE. Pub. No.: WO/2013/124369. International Application No.: PCT/EP2013/053480. Publication Date: 29.08.2013. International Filing Date: 21.02.2013.

Project Name: [Redacted confidential]

Processing and recognition of roentgenologic images

Half a year research and development project with Agfa Healthcare.
A tool that implemented a stable algorithm for differential digital filtration
of roentgenologic images was designed and developed.
The design of the algorithm is based mostly on methods of finite difference approximation of partial differential operators.

Project Name: Security Printing Software Development

We handle the full development process for [Redacted confidential] and [Redacted confidential] – vector based graphical editors capable of creating professional grade secure printing designs, such as banknotes, passports etc.

Our responsibility is to develop and maintain a number of algorithm-driven tools that allow creating simple or compound images that cannot be easily counterfeited.

In addition to that, we also work on [Redacted confidential]– a plugin that brings some
of the key security printing instruments to Adobe Illustrator.

Technologies Used: C++/WinAPI/MFC, JavaScript, Adobe CEP,
Adobe Illustrator SDK

AGFA healthcare

Project Name: [Redacted confidential]

Our main responsibility was to develop the key tool for automatic updates
of both structure and content of a big database. The database is designed
for support of informational structure of large European hospitals and that is an essential part of the [Redacted confidential].

The following tools and technologies were used: Java, Oracle, PL/SQL, RSQL.